MRI-Fusion Prostate Biopsy in Alexandria and Woodbridge

Protect Yourself Against Prostate Cancer

For many years, prostate biopsies have been performed with a transrectal ultrasound and using a standard template to sample the prostate. However, this remains a highly inaccurate method, as many men may still have cancer in their prostate but a “normal” prostate biopsy.

Your doctors at Potomac Urology have increasingly been obtaining prostate MRI imaging on men who have an elevated PSA as well as a previous negative biopsy. We are able to identify with the MRI whether a lesion exists within the prostate that requires a specialized prostate biopsy to safely and accurately determine if prostate cancer exists. Additionally, prostate MRIs can be used for men with an elevated PSA and no prior biopsy, as well as in men undergoing active surveillance treatment for their prostate cancer.

MRI-fusion prostate biopsy is poised to become the new standard in prostate care, and Potomac Urology is pleased to be the first urology group in Northern Virginia to offer this powerful solution to our patients. Partnering with UroNav by Invivo, we seek to bring accuracy and certainty back to prostate cancer screening.

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What Is MRI-Fusion Biopsy?

A patient undergoes a specialized MRI of the prostate to identify any suspicious and concerning lesions that may require biopsy. Your urologist will work with the radiologist to delineate the prostate structures and outline suspicious lesions. These MRI images are then fused to your prostate ultrasound in real-time at the start of your prostate biopsy. By doing this, your urologist is accurately able to target the suspicious lesion and provide you with the highest level of care you seek for your prostate biopsy.

Who Should get an MRI-fusion prostate biopsy?

  • Anyone with an elevated PSA and lesion on their prostate
  • Anyone on active surveillance treatment for prostate cancer
  • Anyone interested in focal treatment of prostate cancer

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