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Please read the following before you book your appointment:

  1. New patients to the Practice cannot be scheduled as a televisit. If you are new, the appointment will need to be in person. You may use this online scheduling service, or call our office at  703-680-2111, option 1.
  2. If you have any version of Medicaid insurance, you will need to call the office to schedule an appointment at 703-680-2111, option 1.
  3. Do not schedule procedure appointments via online scheduling. Please call the office at 703-680-2111, option 1.
  4. We do not see patients 17 years old, or younger.
  5. If you are experiencing an urgent medical concern, please do not use this online scheduling system and instead call the office at 703-680-2111, option 1.

If you would like to speak with a member of a team prior to booking, please give us a call.

Book Appointment Instantly