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The board-certified urologists at Potomac Urology specialize in the treatment and diagnosis of hematuria. If you’re experiencing symptoms of hematuria, contact us today to schedule an appointment in Alexandria, National Harbor, or Woodbridge.

What Does it Mean if There is Blood in My Urine?

Blood in the urine that you do not see is called “microscopic hematuria.” This blood is only visible under a microscope. Blood in the urine you can see is called “gross hematuria.”

Potomac Urology specializes in diagnosing and treating causes of Hematuria in Alexandria and Woodbridge, Virginia. Learn more about hematuria and schedule your appointment with Potomac Urology today!

What are the Causes of Hematuria?

Issues that Increase the Chance of Cancer

  • Age over 35 years
  • Prior visible “gross” blood in the urine
  • Cigarette smoking (past or current)
  • Chemicals in the workplace
  • Prior pelvic radiation for cancer
  • Prior urological disorder or disease
  • Irritative voiding symptoms (pain, infection)
  • Chronic urinary tract infection

How is Hematuria Evaluated?

Repeat Urine Testing

The next step when blood is found is to repeat your urine test. This checks that the first finding was correct.

If Repeat Testing Shows Blood

If a repeat urine test still shows blood and no protein is found, the next steps would involve:

  • Urine culture
  • Urine cytology
  • Blood test for kidney function
  • Cystoscopy (looking inside the bladder)
  • Imaging test such as CT scan, MRI, or ultrasound to look at the kidney, ureters, and bladder.

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