Prostate Biopsy Procedure in Northern Virginia

A prostate biopsy is a procedure performed to determine whether you have prostate cancer. It is performed in the office and takes about 15 minutes. At Potomac Urology, the procedure can be performed either with local anesthesia or under sedation.

The board-certified urologists at Potomac Urology specialize in performing prostate biopsies. If you’re experiencing abnormal lumps on your prostate, contact us today to schedule an appointment in Alexandria or Woodbridge. Give our office a call at (703) 680-2111 or request an appointment through our secure online form.

Why is a Prostate Biopsy Performed?

• Elevated prostate specific antigen (PSA).
• Abnormal lumps or bumps felt on your prostate during the digital rectal exam (DRE)
• Persistently rising PSA despite normal previous biopsy.
• Atypical cells seen on a previous biopsy.


– Infection: most common side effect, thus the need for antibiotics prior/after the biopsy
– Bleeding: significant risk factor that is minimized by stopping all anticoagulation

Preparing for a Prostate Biopsy:

– You must STOP all blood thinners (Aspirin, Clopidogrel, Plavix, Coumadin, Warfarin, Lovenox, Enoxaparin, Xarelto, Rivaroxaban, Pradaxa, Dabigatran, Eliquis, Apixaban) ONE WEEK PRIOR to biopsy.
– The office will call you with antibiotic instructions for when to start the medication.
– You will perform a Fleets enema the evening before AND morning of your procedure. This ensures your bowels are cleaned out and allows for a better procedure.

How is a Prostate Biopsy Performed?

You will lie down on your left side with your knees tucked to your chest. A small ultrasound probe is inserted into your rectum and allows visualization of your prostate. You will be given some numbing medicine to take away any pain. Approximately 12-16 small samples of your prostate will be biopsied. The entire procedure takes 15 minutes.

What Can I Expect After the Procedure?

You may notice some blood in your urine, stool, or semen after the procedure – this is normal. You will notice more blood the more active you are. This may last 4-5 weeks. If you experience a fever greater than 101 degrees and/or are unable to urinate following the procedure call the office at 703-680-2111.

Schedule a Prostate Biopsy

If you suspect you may have prostate cancer, your provider may recommend a prostate biopsy. Call Potomac Urology today to schedule an appointment in Woodbridge, Alexandria, or National Harbor. Our urologists are all board-certified by the American Board of Urology and have extensive experience performing safe and effective prostate biopsies.